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Dedicated to Digital Video Repair, and offering our services to clientele globally, at Aero Quartet we take great pride in our many years of experience and customized services we can offer you in video and audio repairs.

As we are a service and not software, our small and dedicated team can offer you that personal service which you can't obtain from larger firms.

What can you expect? A hassle free, fast and efficient service from the comfort of your own studio. Our apps and services ensure you receive only the best standard of service and user experience. We continually invest in more advanced repair technology to deliver better and more affordable repairs.
Has your movie become corrupted? Is re-shooting completely out of the question? Repair is the solution you need.

What can Aero Quartet offer you?

  • FREE diagnostics and preview with Treasured (Mac app)
  • FREE sample of repaired video
  • Try before you buy with a FREE trial of your Repair Kit
  • Enjoy FREE customer support by speaking directly with our trained experts
  • Invaluable expertise, dedication and second to none customer service

Not using Mac?

Movie Repair Service


For Mac and Windows users

Originally developed for Mac users, our innovative programs and apps became so popular that we came to the decision to build a web-based version in order to make our video services accessible to everybody. now brings our acclaimed repair quality and technical support to all platforms. It uses new HTML 5 technologies to perform fast and efficient repairs directly in your web browser.

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Version 3.12: Discover smart movie tagging with new metadata editor, built in SimpleMovieX.

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download 3.12
December 2012 • 6 MB
Mountain Lion supported