Let us tell you a bit about ourselves...

Founded in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain Aero Quartet is a small and friendly team of experts consisting of 3 professionals; Marcel Martin, Javier Boronat, and Benoît Joossen (founder). Dedicated to developing beneficial software for Apple platforms and web-based services for domestic and commercial clientele.

The team at Aero Quartet pride themselves in being professionals in the video field, dedicated to delivering high standards of digital video repair, aiming to not only meet customer expectations but also exceed them. Serving both domestic and commercial clients from all over the world, affordable prices, Aero Quartet offers unique and tailored services that can save you from digital disasters.

Our Movie Repair Service fills a gap in the video industry, and is helping thousands of professionals every year. Thanks to the success of Treasured, we continue to invest in more advanced repair technology to deliver better and more affordable repairs.


Aero Quartet, SL
Av. de Cerdanyola, 75-77, 1a planta
08172 Sant Cugat del Valles

Phone +34 (Spain) 616 815 505


Ask questions to info@aeroquartet

Grulli is the company official pet since 2011

A word from the founder

"The major software companies have already filled the space with their big software suites. But you don't fill a box only with big stones; you also need lots of pebbles. As a small developer, I want to craft some of those pebbles, indeed I want them to be gem stones!"

Looking to the future

As software is transforming all the industries, as computing becomes mobile, we can't be a Mac-centric shop forever. We want to be at the intersection of technology and everyday life problems, to improve people's live through remarkable software and services.


2007 Movie Repair Service
2008 Treasured 1.0
2010 Over 1,000 repairs/y
2013 5,000th repair!
2014 4K and Cinema
2016 Treasured web app

2020 Localizations FR, ES

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