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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- ARRIRAW

ARRIRAW is a RAW digital cinematography format, used in some ARRI cameras.

ARRIRAW retains the camera's natural color response and great exposure latitude as uncompressed and unprocessed sensor data. With the introduction of the ALEXA XT series, ARRIRAW data can be recorded directly in the camera, without the need for an external recorder.

Working with ARRIRAW

ARRIRAW footage is stored as a clips inside a folder, being each frame a .ari file.


Treasured (since version 3) can detect ARRIRAW footage in recovered files (regardless of extension), in cards and in hard disks.
For preview, please verify if you have installed the necessary software.

Vendor: ARRI
Models: ALEXA
Status: Treasured version 3 detects and previews 2.8K RAW format (both 16:9 and 4:3)

Vendor: ARRI
Models: ARRIFLEX D20/D21
Status: Not supported

Note that those cameras are also capable of recording in other video formats like ProRes and DNxHD and also work with external recorders through HD-SDI output.


ARRIRAW media is repaired without major problem.

An ARRIRAW repair consists in scanning a card or disk, then detecting all the RAW frames present, and output them in folders.
Each frame corresponds to an .ari file. The collection of frames inside a folder corresponds to a clip.

Aero Quartet engineers develop a Repair Kit with the following features:


ARRIRAW repairs are only available through our 4K and Cinema plans.

Free Preview of corrupt ARRIRAW videos with:


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