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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Canon XF

Vendor: Canon
Models: C300, XF305, XF300, XF105, XF100
Status: Routinely repaired.

Canon XF is a professional video format used by Canon XF series and Canon C300 series. Technically, Canon XF is compatible with MPEG-2 and XDCAM at bitstream level. Canon XF footage is wrapped inside .MXF files

Around 2015, Canon XF usage has peaked and has been replaced in Canon cameras by Canon XF-AVC and recently by Canon XF-HEVC formats.

Canon XF C300 video repair


Treasured can detect Canon XF footage in recovered files, and also in cards and in hard disks.
Treasured has a built-in preview function, and shows Canon XF thumbnails that help identify the content of the corrupted media..

All profiles of Canon XF are supported.

Failure Modes

The causes of failure reported by Canon XF users needing to repair files are:

Repair Workflow

We can repair Canon XF footage by reindexing the media into a MXF file.

Aero Quartet engineers develop a Repair Kit with the following features:

Canon XF repairs are available through our Production HQ plans.

Free Preview of corrupt Canon XF videos with:


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