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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- CinemaDNG

CinemaDNG is a RAW digital cinematography format. It is an extension of DNG photography format, a RAW "digital negative" developed by Adobe.
Technically, CinemaDNG file format is based on TIFF containers.

In 2013, BlackMagic has launched a line of cinema cameras using CinemaDNG format. As grading and editing tools become available, CinemaDNG should be adopted by other manufacturers in the next years and become an industry standard.

BlackMagic Cinema Camera (Capture in CinemaDNG requires an external recorder)

Detection and Preview

Treasured (since version 3) can detect and preview CinemaDNG footage in corrupt files, in cards and hard disks.
Since CinemaDNG is a open standard still in development, Treasured may not support rare or new flavors of CinemaDNG. Flavors supported as of today are listed below:

Vendor: BlackMagic
Models: Pocket Cinema Camera1, Cinema Camera 2, Production Camera 3
Status: Treasured detects and previews
1BMPCC footage doesn't preview correctly due to a bug in OS X DNG renderer. Pending fix by Apple
2BMCC footage is called 2.5K by BlackMagic, but actual resolution is 2400x1350
3BMPC will ship in January 2014

Note that those cameras are also capable of recording in other video formats like ProRes and DNxHD.

Vendor: Magic Lantern RAW footage converted to CinemaDNG
Models: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 60D, 7D
Status: Treasured detects and previews


A CinemaDNG repair consists in scanning a card or disk, then detecting all the RAW frames present, and output them in folders.
Each frame corresponds to a .dng file. The collection of frames inside a folder corresponds to a clip.

Aero Quartet engineers develop a Repair Kit with the following features:


CinemaDNG repairs are only available through our 4K and Cinema plans.

Free Preview of corrupt CinemaDNG videos with:


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