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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- DNxHD

DNxHD is a high-definition video post-production codec developed by Avid technology.

It is used mainly in Avid workflows, like in flagship editing app Media Composer.
DNxHD footage is usually found in MXF video files, but it can also be wrapped into QuickTime .mov containers thanks to the standalone codec both for Windows and Mac.

KiPro Quad setup

Recorders like above AJA KiPro Quad can use the DNxHD encoding in their recordings.


Treasured is capable of detecting and previewing DNxHD media in damaged files or disks.
Supported DNxHD profiles include:


DNxHD media is repaired without major problem.

How to repair a corrupt DNxHD clip?

Whether it's a damaged disk, a corrupt MXF file or a damaged QuickTime movie, the easiest way is certainly to ask our Movie Repair Service to do it for you.
But for those who can program, here you have a few tips:

Each DNxHD frame starts with this sequence of bytes:

00 02 80 01

Interlaced DNxHD profiles use 2 structures per frame, both starting with the bytes above.
Frame length is fixed and depends on DNxHD profile. Possible values are: 188416, 303104, 458752, 606208, and 917504 bytes.

Free Preview of corrupt DNxHD videos with:


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