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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Drift HD

Vendor: Drift Innovation
Models: Drift HD Ghost, Drift HD, Drift HD720
Status: Previewed in Treasured and routinely repaired

Drift HD cameras are high-definition action cameras, best suited for extreme sports.

1080p @ 30/25fps. 960p @ 50/48/30/25fps. 720p @ 60/50/30/25fps (60/50 fps only at HD and Ghost models)
WVGA 848 x 480 @ 120/100, 60/50, or 30/25fps (120/100 fps only available at HD and Ghost models)

All of them create QuickTime .mov files containing a H264 video track and audio encoded in AAC format. You can check camera's full tech specs comparison at Compare Drift HD Cameras

Failure modes

The causes of failure reported by Drift HD users needing to repair files are:


The damaged files cannot be opened because recording did terminate abruptly, or movie index recovered from deletion is incorrect: While the media (video and audio) is present and not corrupt, the index and header of the movie indicating what the data means, is not present. Repair consists in reindexing the movie.

Due to recording mechanism, last seconds of action may not have been recorded.


Damaged files from Drift HD cameras are detected by Treasured, and have an affordable pricing. See our public Pricing Chart for details.

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