Live Recording with Happy Ending

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Repair Fee

Short Recording
1 file up to 15 minutes
Memory Card
all footage with same settings present in one card
Archive Disk
all videos on hard disk (from different formats or cameras)

You have 15 days to repair all your files. Results are guaranteed.

Urgent Service

You can request an "Urgent Service" to increase your chances of having a short turn-around time. We give priority to your case and try to fix your problem in 12 hours instead of a median time of 48 hours.

If 12 hours goal cannot be met, no surcharge is applied.
12 hours service is not available during week-ends.

Blind Repair

With this option, the confidentiality of your recording is guaranteed, since you don't need to provide any sample to us. We use a generic sample recorded with the same settings to develop the repair solution.

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