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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Frequently Asked Questions

This is a brief summary of the most commonly asked questions about our Movie Repair Service.
Here you will find answers to the recurrent doubts found when repairing a damaged file.

How does your Movie Repair Service work?

Since 2007, we have been repairing videos for thousands of people around the world. We developed an application called Treasured that helps to preview and repair unplayable videos. When you provide a damaged video to Treasured, it automatically scans the file to detect any audio or video present inside it. Whenever possible, it provides one or several previews, a price estimate, and send us the needed data to repair your file. All you need is an Internet connection and a few minutes to preview your corrupt video and start repairing it.

What is required to use your Movie Repair Service?

Any computer (Mac or PC) running a recent version of Windows, Linux or macOS X can be used.
  • macOS X users can use Treasured application
  • Windows and Linux users can use Treasured web application (a recent web browser is required)

Do I need to upload my files somewhere?

Not needed. Treasured will extract a tiny sample from your damaged file and upload it to our servers along with your contact data. In case several files need repair then simply check the Multiple Files checkbox when sending your repair request.

Repair Request sent. What's next?

Get an eye on your mailbox. Once your repair request is received in our servers Aero Quartet technicians will start working on it to offer you a free preview of the repaired clip. Our usual turnaround time is up to 48 hours but almost 90% of the requests get an answer in few minutes after received.

How I do repair my damaged files?

Once preview of your damaged file has been sent and you've given us green light to start working on the repair, Aero Quartet technicians will send you a Repair Kit (a macOS or a web application) in order you can repair your damaged files on your computer. This way you can test the repair process with your damaged files before purchasing the license of the Repair Kit.

How much does your service cost?

Movie Repair Service starts at $49 USD. Depending on the video format and duration, the repair cost will be adjusted. If you have a large number of files to repair, a flat rate is applied.
Check our public Price Chart for further details.

Can I see my video before payment?

Service works in a no repair-no pay schema. Repair Kit's trial mode repairs the file adding some watermarks that are removed once the Kit gets licensed and your clip repaired using it. Thanks to that watermarked repaired clips, you can take an informed purchase decision. Customer support is offered even after the purchase is made. Only satisfied customers are our goal.

Is my data secure with Aero Quartet? What about Privacy?

We do our best to ensure the safe keeping of your data. Our servers are managed in-house and located in Barcelona, Spain. Our Privacy Policy grants you no disclosure at all of all the material collected during your repair.

Who are you guys?

Movie Repair Service is managed by Aero Quartet people.
  • Benoît is the founder of the company and is in charge of development and user experience.
  • Javier is our support super master. He can solve your problems by starring obsessively at his screen, and by typing furiously on his keyboard. He remains first and foremost a gentleman.
  • Marcel is our first line of defense. He will quickly and efficiently sort out all kind of problems.
  • and Grulli is the official company pet.
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