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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- First Aid

This article explains what must be done just after a recording failure or a storage failure occurs in order to maximize the chances of recovering the video.

Understand what occurred

Failure modes can be divided in 3 main categories

First Aid saves lives!

It's important to stop any activity and focus on securing the damaged data first.
"If something went wrong, it could get worse faster than you imagine."

There are strong reasons for acting with urgency

1- Secure Data urgently

In case of storage failure, the whole disk or card must be copied immediately.
Mac users can use Treasured's DeepMediaScan feature, introduced in version 2, to do it automatically. Otherwise, one can try a manual method to read a damaged disk.

Recovered data should never be stored on the damaged disk, and the damaged should not be used until the movies have been repaired.

In case of accidental deletion of files or disk formatting, you will use an "undelete" utility. There is a vast choice of free and commercial products. Again, it is strongly recommended to stop using the disk until the movies are repaired, and to copy the undeleted files to an different disk.

Treasured with its unique DeepMediaScan feature can also be an alternative to recover from a disk formatting.

In case of recording failure, the first action is to find and copy the files containing the footage and copy them. If you don't find them, check in the common places for corrupt movies.
If possible, do not reboot, switch off or quit any application, since in some cases it could delete them as temporary files are usually deleted after a reboot, and some applications do a clean-up hen quitting.

After securing the data, you can resume normal activities.

WARNING: a system that has failed will probably fail again. We strongly recommend to quarantine any device that has failed until all the footage has been recovered.

If you continue using a memory card or hard disk that has failed, you will probably become a "recurrent customer" of the Movie Repair Service...

2- And now what?

You have secured the data. Great!

Now it's time to evaluate the situation and take the first action.

Later, you will check the expected contents and do a diagnostic with Treasured or contact Aero Quartet's technicians.

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