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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Photo Booth

Photo Booth is an application that comes with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.



It is often used to record personal videos, like entries of a video log.
It is a recreational application, not very robust: To do serious recording, it is better to use QuickTime Video Recording or iMovie or dedicated third-party applications.

It is recommended to avoid using other applications during recording, as they can steal computing bandwidth and video quality can degrade.


On Mac computer with integrated iSight camera, it takes by default video and audio from it. Otherwise, it takes video and audio from any capable device attached to the computer, for example a DV camera connected through Firewire.

Mac OS X Version Dimensions Audio
10.5 Leopard640 x 480AAC stereo 44100Hz
10.6 Snow Leopard640 x 480AAC stereo 44100Hz
10.7 Lion720 x 480 or 1080 x 720AAC stereo 48000Hz
10.8 Mountain Lion1080 x 720AAC stereo 48000Hz
Fancy dimensions as 640 x 426, 800 x 533 and 1080 x 533 also found due to hardware limitations

Failure modes

The causes of failure reported by Photo Booth users with damaged files are:

How to repair a corrupt Photo Booth movie

When a Photo Booth recording is interrupted before completion (for a number of reasons, like battery failure or lack of disk space), the resulting file is unplayable. In most cases, you can recover the movie following a few easy steps:
Free Preview of corrupt Photo Booth videos with:


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