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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- ProRes

ProRes is a family of high-definition video compression formats developed by Apple.
It is an intermediate codec, intended for use during video editing. Recently, new cameras recording directly in ProRes (Arri Alexa series) have allowed a simplified workflow. Also HD Recorders like Atomos Ninja and Samurai series use it to encode and edit footage from camera on the fly.
Family members are ProRes 422, ProRes HQ, ProRes LT, ProRes 4444 (10bit).


It uses lossy spatial compression, but no temporal compression: The data to render a given frame is not spread over the data corresponding to other frames.
Two media profiles are usually be found: 1920x1080 and 1280x720. ProRes clips are usually found in QuickTime .mov containers.

Apple proposes a free Pro Res decoder for Mac and Windows.
Download: Mac Windows

ProRes encoder is not available for free. It comes bundled with Apple professional video applications like Final Cut Pro. Treasured just needs the decoder to preview a damaged ProRes file.

Failure modes:

The causes of failure reported by ProRes users needing to repair files are:


ProRes is relatively easy to repair and gives excellent results. Video and audio are recovered at original quality.
Huge ProRes file (tens to hundreds of GB) are not a problem for Treasured and our remote repair system, since only around 100 MB of data need to be sent via Internet. With a small sample, we can figure out the repair technique and send the repair program to the customer.

A good file in the request is recommended.
Even if the good file contains only a few frames, the fact that it was encoded with the exact settings of the damaged file will provide useful information:

This information can be guessed from a damaged file, but through a very lengthy trial-and-error iterative process.

How to repair a corrupted ProRes movie

Each ProRes 422 frame begins with a pattern of 8 bytes:
aabbccdd 69637066 ....icpf

where aabbccdd encodes the length of the frame (length includes those 8 header bytes).

Techniques used to fix clips are:

Free Preview of corrupt ProRes videos with:


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Free Preview of corrupt videos
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