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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Sony RAW

Latest Sony CineAlta cameras are capable of RAW video recording.

Vendor: Sony
Models: F65 CineAlta, F23, NEX-FS700, PMW F5 and PMW F55
Status: Treasured version 3 detects and previews RAW format

FS700 with AXS-R5 Recorder, ready to record in 4K RAW format

source: Magnanimous Media

Note that those cameras are also capable of recording in other video formats like XDCAM/MPEG2 HD422 or XAVC and also work with ProRes recorders through HD-SDI output.

Failure Modes

The causes of failure reported by Sony RAW users needing to repair files are:


Treasured (since version 3) can detect Sony RAW footage in recovered files (regardless of extension), in AXSM cards and in hard disks.
For preview, please verify if you have installed the necessary software.

Treasured supports all Sony RAW flavors available as of January 2014:

Since 2013 we have successfully repaired Sony RAW footage by developing specific Repair Kits:


Sony RAW repairs are only available through our 4K and Cinema plans.

Free Preview of corrupt Sony RAW videos with:


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