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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Use RepairMovie

The Repair Kit is the tool you receive from Aero Quartet after sending a Repair Request and confirming that you want to use the service.

RepairMovie: a customized tool that reads the corrupt movie and writes a valid video and audio file.

It is customized to repair exactly the type of corrupt movie that you have.
Actually you can see your name and repair case number in the program window: it's your kit.

1. Launch RepairMovie

The Repair Kit comes as a zip file (file with .zip extension). If you open it, it creates a folder on your Desktop called "RepairKit".
Inside this folder there is a program called RepairMovie and sometimes other documents other tools.

Before payment, the kit works in "Trial mode": The repaired movie has artefacts or a watermark. This disappears after introducing the registration key sent after checking out.


RepairMovie runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, on Macintosh computers.
There is no minimum requirement of CPU, RAM memory or hard disk space, but obviously an old or low performance system can slow down the repair process.
If RepairMovie doesn't launch, it's either that it has expired, or that you are not using Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

Windows users have to use alternative repair delivery methods. Please consult with us

2. Set the Repair Folder

When you launch RepairMovie for the first time, the Preferences and Registration window appears.
It's not necessary to register now, you can try RepairMovie in Trial mode first.

But you should set the Repair Folder before doing the first repair.
By default, RepairMovie proposes to use the same folder as Treasured.

You should pick a different folder...

IMPORTANT: If the repair comes after a storage failure, this folder must not be on the same storage device.

3. Pick a damaged file and Launch Repair

Drag and drop on application icon also works.

RepairMovie opens one window for each damaged file.
You can follow repair progress with the Progress bar.
Position in file is also indicated: 50 stands for 50%, or middle of the file.

Once the repair is complete, you can pick a new damaged file and start a new repair.

4. Repaired files and possible defects

After the repair, the repaired files are inside the Repair Folder.

We recommend to check the integrity, quality and playback of repaired files. You can either...

The Repair Folder can contain several files, it depends on the type of repair.
In the example above, we have:

5. Repair more files

If you launch the repair again, RepairMovie will ask whether to overwrite results from previous repair session, or create a subfolder.
To avoid having to answer this question each time, you can go to Preferences and Registration window and change the "Overwrite policy" setting.

Imagine was have 2 files to repair: SDV_0028.MP4 and SDV_0031.MP4
We choose to create a subfolder for each repair:

RepairMovie creates the folder for you and names it after the damaged file.

If a name comes several times,

...then RepairMovie adds a numerical prefix to the subfolder name, like SDV_0031-1.

6. Don't forget to register!

All the repairs that you perform with the "TRIAL" badge on the window are not performed with maximum quality.
Usually, a watermark or audio and video artifacts are added to the repaired files.

Once you have entered the registration key, the "TRIAL" badge disappears, and artifacts are no longer added.
But you have to run the repairs again to generate clean files.

Tip: Use "Trial mode" on a few files to check it works fine, then do payment and register. You save time.

7. Repair efficiently dozens of files

If you have a large collection of corrupt files, it would be tedious to run RepairMovie for each of them.
Fortunately, there is a way to repair several files in one shot:

Performance tips

The same applies as for video editing:
As repairs can be quite intensive in terms of hard disk reading and writing, you should:

If you just want to know what a corrupt file contains, it's not necessary to repair it completely. Use the start and end percentage to repair only a segment. For example, by repairing only between 0% and 1%, the processing time is reduced by a factor 100.

Free Preview of your corrupt videos with:


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