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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Wirecast

Wirecast is a professional webcasting application developed by Telestream, that allows to stream video from several cameras, mix and add effects, and broadcast live events.

Usage and Failure Modes

Wirecast failure patterns correspond to failures during recording process:


Depending on software version and settings picked by user, Wirecast can output in a variety of container formats: .m4v, .f4v, and .mov
The video and audio formats found inside can vary, but most common combinations are:

Treasured is able to detect and preview footage in unplayable Wirecast videos in most cases. Providing a good file is sometimes needed.

How to repair a corrupt Wirecast movie?

When a Wirecast recording is interrupted before completion (for a number of reasons, see above), the resulting file is damaged and unplayable.
In most cases, you can recover the movie following a few easy steps:

Free Preview of corrupt Wirecast videos with:


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