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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Canon XF-AVC

By introducing in 2015 its 4K format called XF-AVC, Canon gave itself a second chance to catch Sony in the war for 4K dominance.

Ironically, the "new" XF-AVC is so similar to Sony XAVC that it takes some effort to distinguish them: Like Sony, Canon proposes a H.264/AVC based format wrapped in MXF files, and rebrands it as: Canon XF-AVC

Vendor: Canon
Models: Canon EOS C300 Mark II, Canon XC10
Status: Treasured (version 3.4 and above) detects and previews XF-AVC recorded by those cameras.

Canon EOS C300 Mark II, ready to record in 4K XF-AVC format


Failure Modes

The causes of failure reported by Canon XF-AVC users needing to repair files are:


Treasured (since version 3.4) can detect Canon XF-AVC footage in recovered files (regardless of extension i.e. ".RSV" or ".MXF"), in cards and in hard disks.

Treasured supports all XF-AVC flavors available as of 2016:

Since 2015 we have successfully repaired XF-AVC footage by developing specific Repair Kits:


Canon XF-AVC repairs are only available through our 4K and Cinema plans.

Free Preview of corrupt Canon XF-AVC videos with:


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