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Brands: GoPro, Contour, Drift, Sony, Replay
Status: Routinely repaired.

Last seconds missing

Action camera users are usually very interested in recovering the last seconds of the damaged video, because the camera has stopped recording when the crash or accident occurred.
Unfortunately, the last seconds have probably not been recorded into the memory card, making their recovery impossible.

Short explanation

In your camera, the recording process is more or less as follows.

  • Raw data from the sensor go to a memory “buffer”
  • Once the buffer is full (which corresponds maybe to one second of action), the encoding chip make his job and writes the compressed video in a second memory buffer
  • Once the second buffer is full (containing a few seconds of action), the data is written on the card. Only at this moment the data is persistent. (because the two memory buffers are volatile memory)

When the crash occurs, the information in the two buffers (corresponding to last seconds of action) are in volatile memory. Not on the card. Therefore, it explains why your damaged file do not contain the crash.
Of course, we cannot repair what hasn't been recorded in the first place.

To verify whether the crucial last seconds are present, you can use Treasured to preview the last frame (moving the preview slide to extreme right). Or you can use the Repair Kit in trial mode and check how the repaired movie ends.

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