My name is Begoña Lorenzo,
I'm the president of this company.

Every day, dozens of clients entrust us with the important job of recovering their videos.

After 15 years serving videographers all around the world, the danger is to rest on our laurels.

In an industry moving at a frantic pace, this is not an option.

How do we stay on top?

My approach is to have two groups of people working in concert:

The Technology group develops new tools, based on the constantly changing landscape of cameras, workflows and formats.

The Technicians group, on the other side, is focused on customers and offers a personalized service.

Technicians tap into the large inventory of repair tools and use those “off-the-shelf” blocks to prepare a Repair Kit that fits exactly the needs of each customer.

Therefore, we provide the best of the two worlds, both home-grown tools and personalized assistance, from beginning to end of the project.

Building a long-lasting Business

In the field of online services, 15 years is an eternity!

Since 2007, we have been working on building strong ties with our customers based on competence, trust and value.

Our goal has never been the “quick buck”, but to grow a solid business and to fulfil our video repair mission, one customer at a time.

Today, a large majority of our customers are recurrent ones  — some with 10+ repairs completed —  and this tells us to keep betting on the long-term.


You can contact me directly via email: