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At Aero Quartet, we have been on a mission for the last 15 years:
To build the best possible Video Repair Service.

All the building blocks we have created since 2007 have finally been assembled, and we are glad to present you Treasured version 5.

Video Repair tool Mac

Treasured and Repair Kit

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DeepMediaScan, the tool to recover deleted videos from a card
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Video Repair tool Mac
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All-in-one Treasured

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Ease of use, Productivity and Elegance

The new all-in-one Treasured is available

Years of customer feedback have shaped the new Treasured.
Assembled piece by piece, the new app is both easy-to-use and powerful.

Main Benefits

  • Productivity: Can easily process batches of damaged files
    Classic had a file-by-file workflow that does not scale beyond a dozen of clips.
    Now, all clips are in a workspace, you can easily manage tasks and batch operations.
  • Space management: If current volume is too small, Treasured warns you...
    You can connect an external drive and click on "Migrate", Treasured takes care of everything.
    Other options to save space: archive jobs, reclaim space.
  • Intuitive and elegant user interface, polished by 5+ years of customer feedback
  • Live Assistance: Inbox and Chat are built in Treasured, just click to ask!
  • Treasured classifies damaged files into multiple jobs, when recording settings are different
    The correct Repair Kit is automatically applied on each damaged file.
    In Classic, it was a time-consuming trial-and-error.
Video Repair tool Mac

Classic Treasured, still available

Users love the new Treasured, and an overwhelming majority will not look back.

But for those of you who have used classic Treasured for years, and prefer to stick with its well-known, minimal and robust workflow, you will find below the download link:

Treasured 4.6.4 (Nov 2022), compatible with macOS 10.6 to macOS 13