My name is Benoît Joossen,
I'm the founder of this company.

Since 2007, I have been focused on solving just one problem: Video Repair

Video professionals work under high operational pressure, they use imperfect tools and shit happens, so it is inevitable that, from time to time, footage will get corrupted or lost.

I'm here to provide a solution.

I still remember the thrill of my first repair:
A school teacher reached me after the classroom computer had disappeared during the night.
He knew that the thief had been recorded by a webcam connected to the machine, the only problem was that the video file was corrupted, as recording was interrupted when the device was unplugged.

My mission: Fix the video and identify the thief!

This day I learnt one thing: Recovering a video can be invaluable... and I decided to start this service.

Fifteen years repairing videos

I started with nothing but some programming skills.
First repairs were pure craftsmanship, and after a few months of practice I had developed a few tools and some knowledge about video formats and encoding.

Tools and knowledge have grown over the years, but we are still inspired by this “day one” spirit of craftsmanship, personal service and excellence.

Nowadays, I'm still developing the repair algorithms that you will use, and I'm directly involved in special jobs that push the envelope.


You can contact me directly via email: