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Vendor: GoPro
Models (Legacy): HD HERO, HD HERO2, HERO3, HERO4 (Black and Silver Editions) and HERO4 Session cameras.
Status: Routinely repaired.

GoPro HERO4 cameras

GoPro HERO is a "wearable camera" that can easily be mounted on helmets, vehicles and be operated while doing your favorite extreme sport.

Despite GoPro models are continuously being improved, previous models are still being repaired by our service.

The GoPro camera creates MPEG4 .mp4 files containing a H264 video track and audio encoded in AAC format.

Failure modes:

The causes of failure reported by GoPro HERO users with damaged files are:

  • Camera locking up (First versions of firmware with Protune freeze very often)
  • SoS error message on GoPro LCD
  • Battery dead during recording
  • Battery popped out due to intense vibrations during recording (Using adhesive tape can avoid battery from dislodging)
  • Card ejected (due to impact) or manually removed during shoot
  • Destruction of camera during recording (crash, collision, hard landing, blow, shock, dropped, fell, broken mount)
  • Camera submerged causing water damage (camera partially or fully flooded, high pressure during underwater shoot)
  • Accidentally deleted original files from card, or formatted card (this causes LRV and HD video being merged, needing a special approach to split them. See our Kayak post for further details)
  • "The file is not a movie file" error message when opening the video on a computer
  • Unit froze before or after finished recording
  • Malfunction while transferring files from the SD card
  • Camera turned off while recording
  • Use of counterfeit SDHC card
  • Bad connection between card and camera
  • Extreme temperatures

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