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MP3 is an encoding format for digital audio that has become that de facto standard of audio compression for playback of music by the turn of the century.
Official name of MP3 is MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III).

MP3 media comes inside a simple .mp3 container, or sometimes inside a video container like AVI, MOV, MP4 when MP3 goes with a video track.


MP3 media is repaired without major problem. Treasured can detect it since 2013 release.

How to repair a corrupt MP3 audio file

The easiest way is certainly to ask our Treasured Repair Service to do it for you.

But for those who can program, here you have a few tips:

Techniques used are:

  • Filtering and Rewrapping if it's MP3 alone (no video)
  • Reindexing if MP3 is inside a video container

Quicktime and MP4 tracks use an '.mp3' codec fourcc. MP3 frames are easily identified by their "sync word" FFF followed by 20 bits that are common to all frames (encoding bitrate and frequency).

Example: immediately after ID3 tags (metadata, picture), we have 104 bytes frames starting with ff fb 10 64:

001bcfa: fffb 1064 000f f000 0066 0000 0008 0000  ...d.....f......
001bd0a: 0cc0 0000 0100 0001 9800 0000 2000 0033  ............ ..3
001bd1a: 0000 0004 ef00 0000 0000 0000 0011 a678  ...............x
001bd2a: a800 9aaf aae0 d03e 1b81 4080 5020 864d  .......>..@.P .M
001bd3a: 149a 7d68 ea37 ffb2 a8f0 bc1a 26fb 900a  ..}h.7......&...
001bd4a: 9e67 1c02 a120 b1f7 b293 8f0f b99f d8fe  .g... ..........
001bd5a: 540b 0542 4108 7fff fffb 1064 220f f000  T..BA......d"...
001bd6a: 0066 0000 0008 0000 0cc0 0000 0100 0001  .f..............

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