“There's a knocking sound. How will the repair cost?”

If you ask the technician over the phone, he will tell you to drive your car to the auto repair shop. No mechanic — even the best in town — will give you a quote without opening the hood. Even after examining the engine, he may need to invest significant time before knowing what parts need to be changed and how much labor is needed.

And if the head gasket leaks, prepare a few grands!

Video Repair is no different.
Our technicians cannot give you a price quote before examining a sample of your corrupted material. This is why we have no price chart on the website, but instead a diagnostics free app, Treasured, to preview the bad files and send us a small sample. This is called a “Repair Request”.

Distribution of price quotes

The chart below — based on a few hundred recent quotes — shows that although the service fees have a wide range, half of the jobs end up costing less than $100 USD.

> 700$
Half of jobs are below $100
85% of jobs are below $300

How much will your job cost? Just use Treasured and sign-in to send us a “Repair Request” and we will calculate the price quote.

, send the request and get your quote!

Our service offers:

  • FREE diagnostics and preview with Treasured
  • FREE sample of repaired video
  • Try before you buy with a FREE trial of your Repair Kit
  • Enjoy FREE customer support by speaking directly with our trained experts
  • Invaluable expertise, dedication and second to none customer service
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How we calculate the service fee

We use a set of rules to calculate your price quote.
We enumerate the main cost drivers below:

Cost Drivers

  • Format or camera / app used
    Cinema and Production formats are more expensive. If multiple settings are used, for instance fullHD and 4K, 30 fps and slow-motion, the repair is more expensive than when all is recorded exactly in same conditions.
  • Duration of footage
    The first minute is the most expensive. Beyond one hour, cost becomes almost flat.
  • Number of clips
    The first clip is the most expensive, due to set-up costs. After a few clips, cost becomes almost flat.
  • Special needs
    There is a surcharge if you request an urgent or blind repair. If we need to prepare a report for your insurance or sign a NDA, additional fees can be charged.
  • Quality
    Unlike other video recovery tools, we guarantee optimal results: no glitch, synchronized audio, preserved colors and metadata. All this comes included, but sometimes increases the cost.

Payment, Currencies and Taxes

For international customers, we offer to pay for our service in several currencies.
Credit cards and Paypal are accepted. Other methods are available as well.
An invoice is delivered immediately after payment is accepted.

Taxes applied depend on the country, see below:

  • International Pricing
    For all countries except those mentioned below, we provide the quote in US dollars, without taxes. Depending on billing address, country taxes can be added during check-out.
  • EURO countries
    Quote is calculated in EUR, with VAT included. By providing a valid EU VAT number during check-out, professionals and companies are exempt.
  • United Kingdom
    Quote is calculated in GBP, with VAT included.
  • Australia
    Quote is in AUD and includes GST, deductible with an ABN.
  • Canada
    Quote is in CAD.

Singular Jobs

As all rules, those exposed above have their exceptions.

Exploration Fee

Some jobs require a significant effort just to determine whether the material can be repaired.
Sometimes, we have to find a “needle in a haystack”, examining terabytes of data to find a few seconds of missing footage.

In such cases, our technicians can ask the customer to pay an Exploration Fee, usually 10% to 20% of the service fee, to cover upfront costs.
If we determine that the goals of the repair can be met, and the customer agrees to move forward, the amount paid upfront is subtracted from the total quote.

Special Projects

Every year, a few customers challenge us with repairs that need an order of magnitude more work than normal repairs.

Those jobs often require to develop new repair techniques, design specific algorithms, write complex programs, or hire temporary workers.
In such cases, the cost can be well beyond $1000 and lead time one to several months.

Special projects are usually split into four stages, and payment is required after completing each stage: Exploration Fee, Development and demo of repair software, Repair 90% complete, Repair 100% complete and verified.