Compliance with EU law (GDPR)

Aero Quartet, a limited liability company under Spanish law, offering online services to customers in the European Union and outside the EU, has adapted its processes and its privacy policy to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This document is revision “B” of the company Privacy Policy, the public statement that outlines all processes related to personal data.

Before the company can collect and process a person's information, the person has to give explicit consent to this Privacy Policy. For children younger than 16, the legal guardian must give consent.

Should you have other questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please send us email at info@aeroquartet.com.


Your personal data is used only for the intended usage: to deliver our video repair service.
Personal data is never sold or given to advertisers.
Your data may be kept longer than it needs, but only under two conditions: It is kept for the sole purpose of improving the service and, the data kept represents less than 1% of the volume (in bytes) of the data processed by our service.

You have control over your personal data: At any time, you can request the modification or the deletion of your personal data.

Personal Data


We use your email address to communicate with you in order to deliver the service. We may also use your email information to solicit feedback from you or inform you of a change in our Privacy Policy, but those communications have a frequency of 2 messages per year at most. Your email address is not used for any other purpose.

Contact Information

We use your contact information, that can include name, address, country, time zone, company, job title, language, company website and company phone to communicate with you in order to deliver the service and provide continuity in assistance, personal service and special offers. Your contact information is not used for any other purpose.


Aero Quartet doesn't use cookie for tracking visitors or for analytics, and doesn't use any third party cookie.

Our web applications MP4repair and Treasured use functional cookies. The sole purpose of those cookies is to remember for a short amount of time the state of the page, so it can display the same information when you visit it again.

IP address

Aero Quartet servers store your IP address and your browser descriptor for a short amount of time. The sole purpose of storing this information is to detect anomalies in the operation of the service.


Treasured (only native Mac app) uses a 5 characters personal identifier to enable communication between our servers and Treasured application. It is used for activity tracking and remote assistance.

Audio Visual Content

AV content that our customers want to repair is considered personal data.

The products resulting of processing this AV content can be digital assets like images, audio and video files, which are also considered personal data, and technical assets like diagnostics and statistical data, which are not considered personal.

Note that our services are designed to minimize the amount of AV content that goes through our hands. When Repair Kit or web repair applications are used, the processing occurs directly on customer computers, with very limited quantity of personal data being transferred to our systems. In an average Treasured case, the amount of AV content that we receive and process in-house corresponds only to 5 to 10 seconds of video.

Communication with customer

To deliver the service, we need to communicate with our customers in both directions.

Text messages (email, chat) are stored in the case record.
Voice conversations are not recorded (but a text summary can be kept).
Remote assistance sessions (for example TeamViewer sessions) are not recorded.

Payment information

Aero Quartet sells through FastSpring on-line store. All information related to payment processing is managed by FastSpring. In particular, bank account and credit card numbers are stored and processed by FastSpring, but not shared with us. FastSpring has announced that it is GDPR compliant.

Other Data Collected

We also collect and process data that is not considered personal.
Non-personal data is not sold nor shared with third parties.

Most of non-personal data that we collect is technical data needed to deliver our video repair service.
For example, we collect the model of your computer and operating system version to determine if our repair solution is compatible.

Personal Data Modification and Deletion

The following personal data is deleted automatically after one month at most:
IP address, Cookies, Activity tracking, Images, Previews.

The following personal data is deleted automatically after six months at most:
Repaired Videos.

The rest of data may be kept without time limit.

Through this form, you can request the modification or the deletion of all your personal data.

Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate procedures to safeguard and secure the information that we collect, store and process.

Use of External Data Processors

Aero Quartet uses several external vendors for server hosting and data processing.
We have selected vendors that operate in countries that enforce data privacy laws and who are GDPR compliant.

  • Arsys (Spain)
  • MacStadium (United States)
  • Dropbox (United States)
  • MailChimp (United States)
  • Apple (United States)