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Thanks to the α series — spelled out as Alpha, or A series — Sony engaged professional videographers with a still camera, that turned into a remarkable versatile video camera.
This is how it evolved and became a referent in its category.

Repair damaged Sony A7 ilce-7 MP4 files

Sony A7 and Sony A7R

First Sony's full-frame mirrorless cameras.
Interchangeable Lens Cameras with E-mount (ILCE).

Repair damaged Sony A7S ilce-7s MP4 files

Sony A7S and Sony A7 II

Sony A7S model records 50 Mbit/s 4K XAVC-S video.
New slow motion, perfect fit for wedding coverage.

Repair damaged Sony A7RII ilce-7rm2 MP4 files

Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II

Slow motion is now 1080p 120fps in A7S II model.
Sony A7R II is able to auto repair broken media.

Repair damaged Sony A7III ilce-7m3 MP4 files

Sony A7R III and Sony A7 III

More time for video recordings thanks to larger batteries and dual SD memory card slots.
Evolution of A7 series announced, the Sony A9.

Repair damaged Sony A9II ilce-9m2 MP4 files

Sony A7R IV

Instantaneous HDR workflow ideal for post-production using S-Log and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) profiles.
New Sony A9 II announced.

Repair damaged Sony A7SIII ilce-7m3 MP4 files

Sony A7S mark III

Bionz XR processor allowing XAVC HS recording, and resolutions up to 8K in Sony A1.

Sony categorizes Alpha series models in five different lines, all of them using same XAVC codecs when recording video.

  • Resolution: Sony A7R, A7R II, A7R III and A7R IV
  • Balanced: Sony A7, A7 II, A7 III and A7 IV
  • Sensitivity: Sony A7S, A7S II and A7S III
  • Speed: Sony A9 and A9 II
  • Flagship: Sony A1

Sony A7S files are routinely repaired by our service

Failure modes

Main causes of failure reported by Sony A7S users, leading to a repair of corrupted files, are:

Power failures

  • Camera power off while recording (clip not finalized)
    Leaving behind a RSV or MP4 file
  • Loss of power during recording. System shutdown
  • File not finished due to battery failure

Software failures

  • Auto-repair in camera after a sudden shutoff doesn't work
  • After recording XML file is missing. MP4 can't be opened
  • Recording stopped showing an error
    Error Message in camera is displayed
Fix Camera Error message MP4 damaged files

After a power loss while recording, if you can't open your broken MP4 files — neither in the camera nor on your computer — we can recover your Sony A7S media and make your recordings playable again.

Try Treasured on your damaged Sony A7S files!

Our service offers:

  • FREE diagnostics and preview with Treasured
  • FREE sample of repaired video
  • Try before you buy with a FREE trial of your Repair Kit
  • Enjoy FREE customer support by speaking directly with our trained experts
  • Invaluable expertise, dedication and second to none customer service
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How to repair corrupted A7S files?

That's what happened to Craig, one of our customers:

“Camera was recording in 4K, there was an external battery source used to power the camera. The power got unplugged before the camera stop record button was pressed. Then the MP4 can not be opened by camera or computer.”

Fortunately, we were able to solve the problem and provide him the Repair Kit to fix the file.
See how was his experience recovering the lost shot in following video.

Repair Sony A7S II 4K 24fps clip

“If you ever have a video file that corrupts and you're looking for a solution, I highly recommend Aero Quartet”

Solution: Your Repair Kit, developed by our technicians

All models from Sony Alpha series are supported. No matter whether the files are recorded using FullHD or 4K resolution, or even using slow motion recording mode.

The damaged files cannot be opened because recording did terminate abruptly. While the media — video and audio — is present and not corrupt, the index and header of the movie indicating what the data means, is not present.

Data inside is encoded using a XAVC-S Video track along with a Linear PCM Audio track. Repair process consists of reindexing the video frames.