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Vendor: Canon

Models: C300, XF305, XF300, XF105, XF100

Status: Routinely repaired

Canon XF is a professional video format used by Canon XF and Canon C300 series. Technically, Canon XF is compatible with MPEG-2 and XDCAM at bitstream level.
Canon XF footage is wrapped inside .MXF files.

Around 2015, Canon XF usage peaked and has been replaced since then in Canon cameras by Canon XF-AVC and afterwards by Canon XF-HEVC formats.

Repair your Canon XF files
source: canon.com

Different frame rates used with the HD and fullHD resolutions are correctly identified in the damaged Canon XF files.

Canon XF files are routinely repaired by our service

Failure Modes

Main causes of failure reported by Canon XF users, leading to a repair of corrupted files, are:

Device Failures

  • Camera was turned off during recording (clip not finalized)
  • Accidental deletion of MXF files
    Ex: Canon XF Utility's Delete Virtual Media feature
  • Loss of power during recording
    Ex: Camera battery pack exhausted

Storage Failures

  • After recording, the MXF file is damaged and will not playback
    Ex: No preview in Canon XF Utility
  • MXF files recovered or undeleted are corrupted
  • Memory card has been formatted by accident
    Ex: CF card not readable by computer

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No matter whether your clips were damaged after a bad transfer or were recovered or undeleted. Those damaged Canon XF files suffer from the same problem:

Index and header, if present at all, are not properly referring to the media inside the file.

Media is present but, both index and header of the recording (indicating what the media data inside means), have not been written or contain incorrect information.
This renders the video file unplayable.

In both cases, the repair consists in reindexing the movie.

Solution: Your Repair Kit, developed by our technicians

In this kind of repairs our main focus is:

  • To preserve the same quality as original footage in the repaired files
    Clean repaired video can only be achieved if alien data is removed from the corrupted files before reindexing them.

    When dealing with recovered media, content of metadata files (with .CIF, .CPF, .THM, .XML and .SIF extensions) present in the folder structure of a clip, is mixed with the footage data.

    Data from SIF file, which represents 0.5% of total data, must be removed to avoid a glitch every two to three seconds.
  • To create repaired videos that come in same MXF containers as normal footage
    To ensure a full compatibility with production workflows repaired media is delivered in a new MXF file.