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Founded in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain Aero Quartet is a small and friendly team of experts dedicated to Video Repair.
Our unique approach — delivering a service rather than selling software — has been acclaimed by video professionals for over a decade.


Benoît Joossen starts the company

One significant product of this era: SimpleMovieX
Pictured, our young Jedi has still plenty of hair.

Video Repair app online

Aero Quartet pivots to Video Repair

We soon develop Treasured, the diagnostics app, and first Repair Kits. The service got off to a slow start.


Doing over 1000 repairs per year

Canon 5D mark II revolutionizes the DLSR market...
and its shortcomings fuel our business for a few years.

Fix corrupted MXF from CineAlta F65

4K and Cinema

When 4K production and cinema cameras started to adopt MXF container format, we developed specific MXF Repair Kits.


RAW video

While Blackmagic, Sony and Canon are fighting the RAW wars, we get you covered on all the new formats.

Video Repair tool Mac
Treasured app icon

Video Repair, Redefined!

Ease of use, Productivity and Elegance.
Check benefits of this redesign

Learn what we are about

Aero Quartet is the online platform where video professionals can find world-class expertise in video repair.

Treasured, our video repair service, delivers guaranteed results thanks to a dedicated team of engineers and technicians that have focused on video repair for over a decade.

Selling results, not software

As software is transforming all the industries, too often we underestimate the power of people. For video recovery, software is blind and clumsy.

Only skilled people can determine if your corrupted footage can be repaired and whether original quality will be restored. Of course we use software, but at Aero Quartet our technicians are in charge, and are offering a personalized solution that other firms — with one-size-fits-all software — can't provide.

Helping professionals

Our expertise is at the service of video professionals.
Whether it's a problem of corrupted footage or a more general issue with digital video, we can give you advice. We don't charge for assessment, only for recovering footage.

Side by side

We are often the ultimate recourse for videographers who are at risk of missing a deadline or failing to deliver a project. This is a great responsibility, and we take great pride of putting the best of our skills at their service, always with the sense of transparency that such situations demand.

Contact us

Please send an email to info@aeroquartet.com and we will respond under 24 hours.


Crafters Video SL formerly known as Aero Quartet SL
Collserola, 29
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès

Phone +34 (Spain) 616 815 505