Changes to our Corporate Structure

After my move to France in January 2020, Aero Quartet SL, the company that I have founded in 2005, has been reorganized around its other two partners: Begoña Lorenzo and Javier Boronat.

Begoña and Javier have registered Crafters Video SL in fall 2019, and started transitioning activity from one company to the other. In December 2021, all assets of Aero Quartet SL have finally been sold to Crafters Video SL.

This includes this website and Treasured. Therefore, Crafters Video is now operating the Treasured video repair service, and will continue to do so under Aero Quartet brand name.

The team remains the same:

As for me, I am now collaborating as a consultant, and I will continue to write in this blog in this capacity.

For former Aero Quartet clients, nothing changes: the same service continues to be delivered, by the same team. The only difference is that a different company name now appears on the invoice.