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Between 2010 and 2015, all professional cameras progressively received the addition of uncompressed video output  — HDMI, HD-SDI (or 3G/6G-SDI) and more recently 4K-SDI (12G/6G) —  and it made the advent of external video recorders inevitable.

External recorders extend the possibilities of video cameras in terms of format, quality, bitrate, audio capture and workflow.

Previous generations of recorders have made of ProRes, initially only a post-production format, a capture format as well.

RAW video recording

Solid state drives (SSD) and high-speed connectivity through HD-SDI and Thunderbolt enable live recording of RAW and uncompressed feeds from 4K, 6K and even 8K cameras.

You can see an example below:
In addition to
ProRes RAW, Panasonic has in 2021 enabled Blackmagic RAW recording in its most recent models to have an edge over Canon and Sony.

Panasonic models that can do BRAW
Problem importing ProRes RAW files

Failure modes

The causes of failure reported by users of external recorders are:

Recording failures

  • Device was turned off during recording (clip not finalized)
  • Recorder not ready when drive is ejected
    Files closing was not complete
  • Battery died during capture
    Damaged files can't be imported

Storage failures

  • Drive or card can't keep up writing at the required bitrate
  • Accidental deletion of MOV files or formatting of card
  • Drive or card filled up and stopped recording
    It didn't finish wrapping and writing the BRAW or MOV files

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Blackmagic Video Assist

In the RAW wars being fought between Apple, Blackmagic and other players, increasing your market share with external recorders is strategic.

Despite offering its own cameras, Blackmagic also wants cameras from other manufacturers to use its BRAW format.

Multi-party deals between camera manufacturers, recorder manufacturers, Apple, Blackmagic and patent holders, are shaping the future of the industry.

Corrupted videos recorded by Blackmagic Video Assist, either to a memory card or to a SSD drive, can be recovered using same techniques as with internal cameras recordings:

With DeepMediaScan you can find lost footage, even on formatted disks, and with a Repair Kit you can fix the corrupted data.

Lumix S5 recording Blackmagic RAW
Other Recorders ProRes Raw Wars

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Atomos recorders

Besides ProRes format, which made the success of previous Atomos recorders, the Ninja V and Shogun 7 recorders have added ProRes RAW capabilities. Bringing RAW recording to cameras that only do H.264 or H.265 internally is transformative:

On the BS1H and BGH1 models, Panasonic has dared to strip down the camera from its viewfinder, its display and all its controls, and this is now the external recorder that inherits from this functionality.

Fixing Ninja and Shogun MOV files

At Aero Quartet, we have developed MOV repair algorithms for most common situations. If you need to repair corrupt Ninja or Shogun footage, please download our free diagnostics app Treasured and send us a request.

Huge ProRes or ProRes RAW files (hundreds of GB) are not a problem for Treasured and our remote repair system, since only around 200 MB of data need to be sent via Internet. With a small sample, we can figure out the repair technique and send the repair program to the customer.

Due to similarities between the two ProRes formats, we can leverage our experience of more than a decade repairing ProRes footage, to provide highly satisfying repairs in ProRes RAW as well.

To repair your corrupted footage, Aero Quartet engineers will develop your Repair Kit including the following features.

  • Repaired footage has same quality as originally recorded
  • Repaired footage is compatible with edition and post-production workflows
Lumix BS1H with Atomos Ninja recording ProRes RAW