“You’d better start a blog”

You hear this everywhere. Every software developer, every start-up founder should write a blog.
You hear few arguments against blogging, but this one sounds quite reasonable: “Blogs are a fine thing but they grow best out of having something to say.”
Personally, I’m quite skeptical. What will the readers find in my blog ? I’m not even a native english writer. I can tell stories about my family life, my day job, about SimpleMovieX and other things I’m developing. But will someone care?
Maybe I can invert roles and try to figure out: Why do I care about other persons blogs?
And yes, the answer is included in the question, I read person’s blogs. Not companies or committees blog. Because you want to hear that little voice when you read, you don’t want to hear it distorted through a corporate filter.
So if I read persons blogs, what have those persons in common? Well, they usually talk about subjects that interest me a lot, and I want to hear genuine opinions about those subjects. I build trust in those persons, because it’s genuine, and they become my “experience proxies”.
To start, let me give you a short introduction:
I’m married, one kid and soon two. I have a day job and a night job, not related at all. Blogging is part of my night job. I’m french. I know, it’s terrific but I live abroad to keep the mental balance.
I develop software for Mac, and it’s not a complete failure.

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Brian SteereApril 18th, 2007 at 12:44 am

I enjoyed reading all of this page. I look forward to trying out your software. Thankyou – Brian