Hello, I’m Benoit Joossen
I’m married, two kids and I live in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2005, I have founded Aero Quartet, and I’m the creator of SimpleMovieX and the Movie Repair Service.

My goal is to develop micro-businesses around my preferred topics. First and foremost I want to be able to pursue my own creative interests. Businesses have to be profitable, to be economically freed from the need of a “traditional” job.

To see the business grow is rewarding, but I will never consider “grow big” a recognition if it isn’t paired with doing remarkable things, achieving personal goals, and having some fun.

The blogosphere has coined the term Micropreneur for people like me.

This blog is a “window” on what I have in mind and what I am working on today. It also contains tricks to get the most out of my products and services.

Writing more always appears at a good place in my new year’s resolutions list. But it takes time and effort to write posts that are worth reading.
I’m doing my best.