There’s nothing like a hard deadline

Version 3.0 is finally here, today is a great day. But bigger than the D-day, is the “Deadline”, yet to come.

Let me explain what is the Deadline:
When I first started planning and developing this version, I was overly optimistic about the schedule. As always, the software is quickly 80% done, but the remaining 20% is what takes more time. Also, it’s hard to resist the temptation to add more and more features. What was to last 2 months stretched to 10 months.

Then arrived the September’06 breaking news: my wife was expecting our second kid.

Babies take 9 months, no matter what. The Deadline was set to April’07. Needless to say, in the last few weeks, I was under pressure. The baby could arrive at any moment, and the software was not ready.

Finally, Lady Nature was wise enough to let me finish my SimpleMovieX. The result is a fairly good 3.0 release, the most stable I’ve seen in years. Now I’m preparing for another great Day.
But that’s another story…