A fix for mp4 merging problem

Versions 3.8 and 3.8.1 have a bug that prevents merged mp4 files from being saved as mp4. Only mov format is proposed.
This problem, whose origin is explained in the previous blog post, is solved in the 18 december “night build” that you can download from my web account:

file name: SimpleMovieX18Dec.zip

More improvements and bug fixes are also present in this version (still labeled 3.8.1)

  • Movie resulting from merging several mp4 clips can no longer be saved in mp4 format. Fixed
  • Merge operations between movies with chapters and movies without chapters gives wrong result. Fixed
  • New Option to add chapters when merging in Preferences.
  • Removed “Unsupported media” popping up with some kinds of MPEG-2 files
  • Files open in a SimpleMovieX session are locked, cannot be deleted, until we quit SimpleMovieX, even if the documents has been closed. Fixed
  • Movie loading and document closing made faster.

The official release will take place after Christmas break.