5 tricks to pay less for your movie repair

In some cases, it’s possible to pay $89 instead of $149 to have your footage fixed. Discover how…

  • Repair less files: Use Treasured to preview your damaged videos. If only one clip is really important to you, and if it’s less than 500MB in size, then it will cost you only $89 (Local Repair)
  • Repair smaller files: Only files under 500MB apply for a cheaper Local Repair. If your file is bigger than that, but you are only interested in fixing a segment of the movie, then you can use Treasured to extract the segment, and request a repair only on this segment.

    Utilities > Sample Extraction… in Treasured menu, creates a file called extract in your repair folder. Rename it and run Treasured on it.

  • Specify that you want only Audio or only Video: Usually, synchronization of audio and video accounts for a important slice of the final cost. Treasured lets you uncheck audio or video if you feel it’s not necessary.
  • Don’t check Absolute Privacy if you don’t need it. Regular level of privacy is good enough for the vast majority of repairs. Absolute Privacy commands an extra cost.
  • Be patient… Repair costs will go down as repair techniques improve. Check the repair cost again after 3 months. Maybe it’s significantly lower.