Tribute to Steve Jobs

When I was 12 years old, in the mid-80s, in a french village dedicated to wine production, my passion was computing!

And in my kid’s mind, all those people who were creating this “magic”, all those distant places in America like Cupertino, were sort of legendary and I was avidly reading about them through the computers magazines of the day, like “L’Ordinateur Individuel” (to my surprise it’s still alive!).

He was not even 30 years old, and he was already THE legend.
Not a mainstream person, like today, but for people who cared about computers, he was already the child prodigy.

Your humble Aero Quartet CEO will never have a chance to meet Steve Jobs, but owes him a lot.

I have started Aero Quartet because I knew that an individual can make significant contributions. And I knew that from him.

When you feel you can’t make a difference because you are at the wrong place doing the wrong thing, then you must make hard decisions and switch gears.
At my low level, my “jobsian” moment was in 2008 when I decided to leave HP and go full-time on Aero Quartet, and I don’t regret it!

Just watch Jobs Stanford commencement speech (YouTube) if you haven’t done it already, and thank him for the pearls of wisdom.

RIP Steve