Canon 5D Mark III (update)

Repair cases for Canon 5D Mark III have started to flow in. It seems that Canon’s firmware team is up to its reputation…

New Model, New Failure Mode

It seems that when you record a video that ends up filling or almost filling the card, video recording stops but video is lost.
Fortunately, we have devised a method to recover it and we are currently fine-tuning it with a few customers. It involves using DeepMediaScan for extraction and a Repair Kit for recovery.

Mk III now (unofficially) supported by Treasured

We have added Canon 5D Mark III detection to Treasured.
You can download this unofficial Treasured release (temporary link – v2.7 will include it officially.)

  • Preview of “All I-frame modes” without need of good file
  • Other modes require a good file