Back to School Update

All Aero Quartet crew members are now back to work!

This summer has been long and hot as usual, but we managed to keep the boat afloat (despite a small breach during last week end).

Video Repair Backlog

We have about 30 cases pending. This is roughly the same volume as last year, and it took us around 10 days to go back to normal.

This is now our priority. Our apologies to people who are still waiting.

Treasured 2.7

New Treasured 2.7 has been released in early August:

  • Preview for Canon EOS 5D Mark III corrupt videos
  • Fixed small problems with OS X Mountain Lion
  • Improved support for iPhone 4S, REDCODE, AVCHD, and IMX video formats


We also want to finish important stuff before Xmas:

  • Our video repair service is being localized in 2 new languages
  • SimpleMovieX update for Mountain Lion