Stop Whining and Start Measuring

Last month, I have started to collect data about how visitors are browsing our website. Just standard analytics at work here.

First surprise: 40% of Treasured downloads are from Windows users, who will obviously never be able to run our Mac video recovery app.

Despite clearly stating on the website that this is a Mac app, a lot of Windows people is reaching the big Download button. This is not cluelessness, just the standard practice in a “we don’t read, we scan” world.

Second surprise: Among Mac people with a fresh copy of Treasured just downloaded, only 60% perform a diagnostics on a damaged video. In other words, 40% never get any value from the software.

I could give more examples. Every time I have measured a new metric related to our repair service use, I have discovered that it was grossly inefficient.

The most amazing thing: Those problems are usually very easy to fix. You can just add a warning for Windows guys trying to download Treasured and redirect them to, for example.

This is a real eye-opener. Don’t start working on hard problems until you get the basic stuff right.

The Secret: Measuring