GoPro Freezing during Video Recording

GoPro has recently shipped its new line-up of HERO3 cameras with impressive specs.

Users have started reporting problems with the camera in November 2012: One of the most annoying failure mode is the dreaded “lock up during video recording” that leaves you with a corrupt video. We are now receiving new damaged clips to fix every day.

GoPro HERO3 freezing

Affected Firmware Versions

Lock-up problems can be traced back to firmware versions that include Protune features. All GoPro models with Protune are affected.

As of January 2013:

  • All GoPro HERO 3 cameras except White model (because it doesn’t include Protune)
  • GoPro HERO 2 cameras with Firmware upgrade 8.12.198 (October 2012) that enables Protune

Two important points:

Tip: Save $20 on GoPro Repairs with Treasured and

We have been busy in the last months catching up with new GoPro cameras. Current releases of Treasured (Mac app) and (web app) can detect and preview corrupt GoPro videos, even from new models and formats.

However, GoPro special pricing is not always correctly applied. When video is identified as Media: H.264 instead of Brand: GoPro HERO, price quote will be higher. We will fix that by end of February.

In the meantime, just add a comment in your repair request or send us an email to notify that it’s GoPro footage and we will apply the correct price to your repair.

GoPro HERO3 video repair