Last week-end, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Adam Forgione, the guy behind Select Music Library, the website that helps filmmaker find original music for their productions and musicians get paid for their work.

Adam has been a customer of Aero Quartet in the past. He wanted to share the good experience he had with us with fellow filmmakers, so he asked me to answer a few questions.

All you ever wanted to know about video repair…

The result is quite good, thanks Adam for pulling this off:

“My interview lasted almost an hour but it’s filled with gold.
Here are the chapters if you want to skip to what you want:”

1:36 – About AeroQuartet
3:31 – How It Works / The Process
10:29 – Common types of cameras involved
11:14 – Pricing
18:56 – Common types of corrupt files
23:04 – How video data is stored on cards or disks
25:36 – Types of media that can be recovered
28:18 – Audio only files
31:20 – Tips to avoid problems in the future
39:43 – Canon EOS issue / bit flipping
41:57 – Counterfeit cards
44:38 – How AeroQuartet got started