My name is Javier Boronat,
I'm a partner of this company since 2011.

My role as Video Repair Technician is twofold:

First, to understand what the customer needs.
But also to prepare the appropriate tool to complete the job.

The video industry is moving fast, this requires to be constantly learning how to deal with new formats, new cameras and new workflows.

The problem is never purely technical.

Taking immediately the correct actions to find the lost footage and to preserve it, is even more important than having a tool to repair it.
Leaving this to a non-expert in “panic mode” can be disastrous.

This is why we operate as a service, rather than selling software, and provide personalized assistance from beginning to end of the project.

Ten years repairing videos

It takes years to gain mastery of this job.
For the most technically-inclined of you, the tutorials of our Video Repair Academy are a good intro of the intricacies of video repair.

But what make it really worth the efforts, are the small successes that I celebrate every day.

When my customer turns emotional after recovering his footage and says “Javier, thank you so much!”, it literally makes my day.


You can contact me directly via email: