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Treasured's Movie Repair Guide -- Repair after Storage Failure

If your hard disk or memory card has crashed, and you have used a data recovery software to retrieve your data, it's possible that the movie files are corrupt.

Despite showing the right name and maybe also the right, expected size, some files can refuse to open, or give problems during playback.

First Aid urgently needed!

In such a case, the first thing to do is to stop using the storage device that gave the problem, even if it seems to work now. The reason is that it may still contain some data that would be overwritten and definitively lost if writing operations take place in the device. Just make a clone of the disk (copy its contents into a different hard disk, for example) and quarantine it until movies are repaired. In any case, the storage device that has failed once should be replaced, because there's high probability of re-incidence.

Failure modes

The typical failures found in movies after a disk repair are:

Also the movies can be hidden inside files that apparently contain other things. The smaller the file, the less likely it can contain a movie. Files under 1MB should not even be searched. You can use the Time calculator to evaluate the duration of the footage that can contain a file.

The data recovery softwares, even expensive ones, usually do a poor job at recovering movie files. Movie files have different characteristics. Their huge size makes it difficult for the recovery software to find and order all the data blocks.

This explains why movie repair is difficult in this case, and sometimes cannot meet best expectations. Complex techniques must sometimes be used, like de-shuffling.

How to get better results

DeepMediaScan, a recovery technique included in Treasured, usually does better than data recovery software, because it doesn't try to recover files, but movie footage, directly.

Therefore, instead of trying to repair the files coming for recovery, you should go back to the damaged disk and use directly DeepMediaScan on it.

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