Goofy Predictions

For my reprise of this blog after a two years hiatus, I will just revisit the last 15 years of posts, going back as far as 2007, and focusing on the most goofy predictions made so far. A self-deprecating warm-up, if you will.

My Internet footprint is minuscule by todays standards -I don’t use social networks- but there is still this blog, with almost one hundred posts.
Let’s see a few “nuggets”, the top 3 of my predictions that did not age well…


My March 2020 blog post, unsurprisingly, was about the imminent COVID outbreak.
I remember being among the most pessimistic guys back then, predicting a “minimum of two months of disruption”.

Our commitment to you during COVID-19

Lesson learnt: Don’t bury your head in the sand and imagine that you’re successfully hidden. Even stupid birds like ostriches don’t do that, despite popular legend.

If a pandemic is spreading like wild fire 10,000 miles away, it will be in front of your door next week.
What should you do? Face the facts, even if you don’t like them, and imagine what you can do to mitigate the unavoidable.

#2 Tablets will be operated from behind

In January 2010, despite having used an iPhone for over one year, at the time the first iPad was unveiled, I predicted that the iPad would be a radically different beast, operated by fingers from behind. It made perfect sense to me, because the device would be held by both hands.

tablet with touch surface behind

A force-sensitive back-side interface for the Tablet?

Lesson learnt: The obvious always win, the best is the enemy of the good.

#1 Four years late on my own software!

Probably still euphoric after an alcoholized by 2017 New Year’s eve, I wrote that 2017 would finally see the release of the one true redesign of Treasured, with its revamped, elegant, and modern user interface.

What’s new in 2017

Revamped Treasured was not released until fall 2021, four years later than my prediction!
This one has no excuse, this was my own project.
In a future post, I will explain how this is even possible, despite having no external dependencies and being the #1 priority of the business.

Lesson learnt: Software takes a solid 3x more time to develop than expected.